Law and economics

An introduction to law and economics. . . . → Read More: Law and economics

Markets, and its alternatives

Naturally enough, economists praise the workings of free, private, competitive markets. This blog entry looks at some alternatives to markets. . . . → Read More: Markets, and its alternatives

Size and the city

Cities of the world unite! . . . → Read More: Size and the city

We are the 36%

The other day it occurred to me that I am part of “the other 98%”. I don’t believe it. . . . → Read More: We are the 36%

World energy markets

Russia is swooning. So are Nigeria and Venezuela. I am not referring to their questionable polities, but to the decline in world energy prices. . . . → Read More: World energy markets

Want to be stinking rich? Major in economics.

The title says it all: “Want to be stinking rich? Major in economics.” . . . → Read More: Want to be stinking rich? Major in economics.

Personal finance in the Abbey

An old friend who is a nun keeps struggling with how little to consume of her retirement and investment income so as to give as much as possible away for charitable purposes. . . . → Read More: Personal finance in the Abbey

The Effect of State Firearm Laws on Firearm Manufacturing Location

The blog entry summarizes a recent working paper I co-authored on how variations in U.S. state firearm law are related to the number of firearm manufacturing plants across states, for the years 1986 to 2010. . . . → Read More: The Effect of State Firearm Laws on Firearm Manufacturing Location

Megabrands – So what?

Are conglomeration corporations that own most of the world’s best-known brands really so bad for us, as some internet postings suggest? Think again. . . . → Read More: Megabrands – So what?

Taxes v1.0 and v2.0

Virtually everyone complains about taxes. But where would we be without them? . . . → Read More: Taxes v1.0 and v2.0

The Gun Debate

A review of Philip J. Cook and Kristin A. Goss’s excellent new book, The Gun Debate: What Everyone Needs to Know (Oxford University Press, 2014). . . . → Read More: The Gun Debate

Poor giants

Nigeria is now Africa’s largest economy, or so its recently “rebased” economic statistics suggest. Yet along with Brazil and China, Nigeria remains a “poor giant.” . . . → Read More: Poor giants