Want to be stinking rich? Major in economics.

The title says it all: “Want to be stinking rich? Major in economics.” . . . → Read More: Want to be stinking rich? Major in economics.

Personal finance in the Abbey

An old friend who is a nun keeps struggling with how little to consume of her retirement and investment income so as to give as much as possible away for charitable purposes. . . . → Read More: Personal finance in the Abbey

The Effect of State Firearm Laws on Firearm Manufacturing Location

The blog entry summarizes a recent working paper I co-authored on how variations in U.S. state firearm law are related to the number of firearm manufacturing plants across states, for the years 1986 to 2010. . . . → Read More: The Effect of State Firearm Laws on Firearm Manufacturing Location

Megabrands – So what?

Are conglomeration corporations that own most of the world’s best-known brands really so bad for us, as some internet postings suggest? Think again. . . . → Read More: Megabrands – So what?

Taxes v1.0 and v2.0

Virtually everyone complains about taxes. But where would we be without them? . . . → Read More: Taxes v1.0 and v2.0

The Gun Debate

A review of Philip J. Cook and Kristin A. Goss’s excellent new book, The Gun Debate: What Everyone Needs to Know (Oxford University Press, 2014). . . . → Read More: The Gun Debate

Poor giants

Nigeria is now Africa’s largest economy, or so its recently “rebased” economic statistics suggest. Yet along with Brazil and China, Nigeria remains a “poor giant.” . . . → Read More: Poor giants


This column takes a look at The Economist’s Big Mac index, the newspaper’s tongue-in-cheek way of determining whether currencies are over- or undervalued relative to the U.S. dollar. . . . → Read More: Burgernomics

CPI & COLAs: Still costing us a bundle

In preparing a lecture on the Consumer Price Index (CPI), a popular measure of consumer price inflation, I was reminded of some of the measurement and policy issues involved. . . . → Read More: CPI & COLAs: Still costing us a bundle

Mexico and France

The Institute for Economics and Peace released its Mexican Peace Index. Here’s a brief discussion and a comparison of Mexico’s economic record with that of France. . . . → Read More: Mexico and France

Neighbors: Blessing or Curse?

Refugees constitute the 30th-largest “country” in the world—larger than Argentina, Canada, Kenya, Malaysia, or Poland. We need a better way to prevent the wars that create them. . . . → Read More: Neighbors: Blessing or Curse?

Energy prices

Energy prices are dropping, or so it is said. The full-scale advent of “fracking,” the extraction of natural gas (and oil) by new commercial technology, is unlocking vast new supplies in the United States and upsetting pricing on the energy markets. I decided to have a look at the numbers provided by the U.S. Energy Information Agency. . . . → Read More: Energy prices