About SGE

The scope of economics is all-encompassing. From ecology to psychology and political philosophy, and from mathematics to anthropology and law, nothing escapes the ambit (or ambition) of the discipline. Economics is about how organisms, including humans, individually and collectively better or fail to better their lives. It is about competition, true, but also about remarkable cooperation; it is as much about high finance and far-flung markets as it is about ordinary men and women, as much about matter as about morals, and as much about altruism and charity as about grasping for power to twist economic, political, and cultural institutions to one’s own, selfish, greedy end. Economics is about the individual and collective choices we make and about the consequences these choices entail.

The columns – for a long time written monthly but not at all since April 2015 – are first and foremost extensions of my classroom. I write and use them to teach, to help improve economic literacy, to put things into perspective, often simply just to argue a point, to inject data into discussion, and sometimes merely to have fun. A number of them have been co-written with students and, occasionally, with colleagues.

As for myself, born and raised in Berlin, I have lived in North and Latin America, Africa, Asia, Europe, and Australia. (“Lived” as in “rent an apartment, have a job, and collect a paycheck.”) Presently, I am a professor of economics at the Hull College of Business at Augusta University in Augusta, Georgia, USA, and also, for summer teaching, a visiting professor at Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok, Thailand.

J Brauer [Updated: 17 January 2017.]