Introduction to Statistics
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Course ID: 2952353 - Statistics
The course is an intense introduction to modern statistics. We cover descriptive and inferential statistics. There will be some math, of course, but also a deliberate and heavy focus on understanding just what "the math" means..

Class time: W 8:00-8:50am and 9:00-9:50 | Class room: Mahit, Rm 609 | Office hours: By appointment
Class time: Th 8:00-8:50am and 9:00-9:50 | Class room: Mahit, Rm 610 |

Academic (dis)honesty and expected classroom behavior: Please refer to the relevant Chulalongkorn policies. Academic dishonesty is not tolerated and results in expulsion from class, a failing grade, and reporting to the university authorities. This includes cheating, ghostwriting, plagiarism, or other forms of dishonesty on the exams, in the preparation of the final paper, or any other assigned work. Punctual attendance is required; students can be dismissed from class for lateness or missed classes. Appropriate classroom behavior that permits unimpeded learning and free exchange of academically relevant ideas and views is expected. Turn off cell phones and put them out of sight. I expect that students behave in a mature, professional way, including absolutely punctual class attendance and full attention during class. When in doubt, come five minutes early, not five minutes late. Latecomers will not be admitted to the classroom and are counted as absent from class. Whoever uses a cell phone is counted as absent. After 3 absences, I will initiate withdrawal from class or institute some other penalty. Class starts promptly at 8am and again at 9am.

Assignments: There are four all-or-nothing exams, including a midterm and a final exam (4 x 25% = 100%). Cheating of course is not permitted and results in dismissal from class, a grade of "F" and, possibly, punishment by Chulalongkorn University. Chapter-by-chapter sample questions (and solutions) are available (see links below). These are your homeworks.

Grading and grades: 90+% = A; 85-89% = B+; 80-84% = B; 75-79% = C+; 70-74% = C; 65-69% = D+; 60-64% = D; <60% = F.There will be no rounding (neither up nor down).

Textbook: R.S. Witte and J.S. Witte. 2010. Statistics. 9th edition. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley. [Textbook correction: click here]
Supplementary text:
R.J. Wonnacott and T.H. Wonnacott. 1982. Statistics: Discovering its Power. New York: Wiley. [Chapters 7 ,8, and 9 are available in the EBA office.]
Study guides: See links below.
Additional materials:
Additional materials (e.g., excel spreadsheets, chapters for regression analysis) will be made available online.

Tentative class schedule and syllabus: Click [here]

Pretests: [Pretest 1] [Pretest 2] [Pretest 3] [Pretest 4]
Solutions: [Solution 1] [Solution 2] [Solution 3] [Solution 4] [discussed in class]
Results: [Exam 1] [Exam 2] [Exam 3] [Exam 4]
Analysis: [Exam 1] [Exam 2] [Exam 3] [Exam 4]

Overall course grade: Click [here]

Study guide for Witte & Witte (exercises and solutions):
[ch01] [ch02] [ch03] [ch04] [ch05] [ch06] [ch07]
[ch08] [ch09] [ch10] [ch11] [ch12] [ch13] [ch14]
[ch15] [ch16] [ch17] [ch18] [ch19] [ch20] [ch21]

Chapters 7, 8, and 9 (and solutions to some sample problems) for Wonnacott & Wonnacott are available in the EBA office

2010-08-11 Collected student data are available [here]
2010-08-25 Parents' age and die-rolling experiments data/lecture here [ppt] [pdf]
2010-09-09 Power curves example here [xls] [pdf]
2010-11-02 Excel spreadsheet for use with regression analysis [here]

Writing resources: The Economist Styleguide | Strunk & White's Elements of Style

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